Printer half dead?

Nov 7, 2009
Hi My printer is DCP-110C brought it long ago. Recently , i had nothing better to do so refilled my printer with a type of black ink that cause it to sometimes work and not work i think because of clog in my print head.

This is my result for quality scan

Sometimes it would but it would clog again after 1 paper is being printed.
Personally i don't use coloured ink so i actually replaced the old coloured ink with water i can continue printing. Brother printer dont allow printing when ink is low and i dont wan to risk spoiling the head by letting it dry. I use only black

1) By not having other colours(being replaced by water) would it affect black print head?
2) Since i believe its badly blocked , i would probably buy cleansing solution. But even with cleansing solution , would it still clog? Because of my current big particles ink =\
3) How much does each printer cartridge cost? I only need one :D
4) How many page can 100ml print? assuming i'm printing piano music score sheets

Please try to answer , even if you're unsure and its wrong. I wont blame you :D

Looking forward to visit Singink :)

Thanks :)

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