Printer keeps adding himself

Apr 23, 2014
Hi forum,

I have upgraded my printserver and now I have a problem.
Since I use a loginscript to delete the old printers and add the new ones, since then when a pc has an old printer from the old server in it's print queues, then a user tries to delete the printer, the printer will disappear (that's normal). But when the printer is deleted, the printer will add itself 40 times in the print queues and also in 'devices and printers'.

What did I try?
- Deleting the registry keys of the printers
- Deleting the drivers
- Reinstalling the drivers
- Restart the print spooler
- Restart the pc

This will all not help, because if I delete the printers manually, when I restart the pc the printers will be back.

Yours sincerely,

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