Printer keeps jamming paper

Nov 4, 2021
I have a Samsung CLX-6220FX duplex unit. It has jammed in the middle of printing of a book (circa 40 out of 80 pages). I have successfully removed the clustered paper from the rear, front and fuser area of the printer. However, now the printer keeps jamming paper constantly - nothing is being printed out.

I have observed that this is more of a printer feeder issue: (this is what happens when I try to print one page, w/ or wo/ duplex)
-> If there is only one sheet of paper in the feeder the printer takes it in, displays an error that the paper tray is empty and the sheet leaves the printer the normal way (but nothing is being printed, the sheet is blank).
-> If there are more sheets of paper in the tray, the printer takes in a lot in (4, sometimes even 6 sheets) - one leaves the printer the normal way (as above, blank, nothing is printed) and the rest cause a jam in the fuser area (or back area, or another random area)

I am familiar with this issue:
(however the solenoid workaround did nothing...)

Do you have any ideas what I could do?
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