Printer suggestion

Dec 5, 2009
I am having a series of issues with our current printer, a Tally Genicom 9050N. We're only printing anywhere between 1000 and 2000 sheets per day. On average the printer will fail to feed the 80 weight legal size semi-gloss paper about every 5 sheets, requiring a lot of user intervention to reset the printer. The print quality is also bad on occasion. About half of the prints will be poor quality and will require reprinting. Is this just a symptom of the type of paper we're using or the printer? Or is there a printer out there that can handle this task and not require so much user intervention to reset the printer and not require so much reprinting? The supplier said they tested the printer with the type of paper we're using and chose the most compatible rollers.

The printer also goes through a fuser and drum about once per week. And toner almost daily.

Any help would be appreciated.

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