Printer won't reconnect to LAN on restart

Jan 30, 2018
Samsung Xpress M2830WD mono laser printer is installed on my simple home network. The problem is that the printer is not recognized by the network if it has been OFF for a while and then restarted. Calls to Samsung/HP always go the same way... reinstall via USB then connect to my home network. Things work fine until the printer isn't used for a while. Then when I send a print job to the printer (turned ON) it shows the same error and refuses to print. Now that HP has taken over the Samsung printer service, they cannot find my several earlier calls about the same problem and the same printer, and they refuse to give personal assist since the printer is now out of warranty... even though the problem has persisted since the initial install. The unit is installed on my personal PC with Windows 10. Can anyone help, please?
Dec 7, 2016
Your Wifi router may be at some distance from your PC. Consequently, signal levels may be marginal, causing intermittent connection problem.

Just for a test try moving Printer closer to router for day or so.

Re-configure your printer Wifi connection setup. Re-enter your SSID and Passphrase again.

Try different router entirely

Perhaps nearby Cell Phone or remote phone base stations are interfering with router/printer setup.
Disconnect power from all phone systems for test. Turn off Cell Phones

Does not sound like printer problem
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