New Mac won't recognize printer except in System Dialog Mode

Jul 17, 2019
Good morning! I just bought a new MacBook Pro, almost identical to my old one, and downloaded the software to connect it to my existing XP-440. It all looks right, and my XP-440 shows up listed as the default printer, except that when I try to print something the "Print" button in the window that pops up is grey/backgrounded so I can't click on it and my only choice is Cancel. And there's a note that says, "The selected printer is not available or not installed correctly." But here's the WEIRD part: when I select "Print Using System Dialog Mode," then that works! So it IS installed correctly, but it makes me use System Dialog Mode, which has far fewer desired features such as adjusting margins, scale, orientation, etc.

Since it does print, what I'm doing wrong must be some small tweak...?

Any help would be appreciated.


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