Printing on A4 Canvas with Pro-10S

Sep 23, 2017
Hi all,

I have a Pixma Pro 10S and am wanting to do a few canvas based prints. I've been advised to choose Fine Art Paper > Canvas in the set-up, mostly because if I don't then the printer will use photo black not matt black and the results won't be as good. HOWEVER - when I try to select paper size A4 it won't let me continue and insists I need to use 11" by 17" as the only choice.

Has anyone else had a similar issue and how did you get around it? I assume I could just chose a different paper type such as Matt as this will print A4, but it seems a bit daft that the actual Canvas setting only works with one paper size and I can't set it to A4!

*edit* doh okay I just found out that I can use A4 but it has to have 30mm margins? I assume I'm stuck with this and won't be able to do a borderless A4 print?

Thanks in advance
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