Prior product installation failed to complete

Mar 14, 2017
hi i am trying to install my printer on my pc which is using windows 8 ,printer is HP laserJet 400 color M451nw but i am getting this error message "Prior product installation failed to complete, the partially installed files must be uninstalled before you rerun the product installation" and i tried every solution i could find on google like deleting printer ports, deleting temp files, but nothing is working.
anyone help please, i would kindly appriciate
Dec 7, 2016
Did u follow factory install instructions?
Did you use factory install CD? Did u interrupt installation CD during install process?
Was printer connected via USB before install or after install?
Is your system 32 or 64 bit?

Click Start -> Devices & Printers ->
Right click any icon labeled HP 400 -> Select Remove Device
Click Control Panel -> Programs & Features -> Uninstall any HP related applications listed here
That is Uninstall and not "Delete"

Click My Computer -> C Drive ->Program Files Folder
Delete any residual HP folders (Right Click any HP folder & select "Delete")
Click My Computer -> C Drive ->Program Data Folder
Delete any residual HP folder

Follow Factory Install Instructions
Remove USB cable
Run Installation Cd (Careful not to interrupt)
Connect USB cable

Verify following:
Click Start -> Devices & Printers
You should now see HP400 icon with green check mark
Do nothing but return to desktop

Printer should now function normally
Please answer all questions and advise


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