Waste Pages Printed with get \DevMgmt\ProductConf...


Nov 2, 2018
The Problem:
The printer prints pages without any prompt from the user or any application on the PC as far as I can tell. The printing does not appear in the print queue manager. Each page has the following text printed on it twice:
get \DevMgmt\ProductConfigDyn.xml HTTP/1.1

As far as I can tell this problem occurs occasionally with any printer, PC, or version of Microsoft OS. However, for the record my printer is a Dell H625 cdw attached by USB cable to a Dell Laptop running Windows 10 64 bit. The problem does not present itself when attached to my HP laptop, or when disconnected from the Dell Laptop. I updated the drivers and firmware to the latest versions available from the Dell support website. I updated the PC with the latest updates from Microsoft. I removed and reinstalled the printer several times. I rebooted the PC several times. I disabled printer sharing. I cleared spooling. All with no impact on the problem.

A Google search of the web identifies this problem in many forums, especially HP forums. However, I have found no definitive answer or solution.

Please help before I run out of paper/toner.
Jun 12, 2020
I have same problem when i use my Epson ET-4750 with Windows 10. It started with one of the Win 10 upgrades. As dah noted, instructions from Google search only work for hp printers

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