Production costs.

Nov 18, 2010
Evening everybody.
Im in the process of starting up a business where we will be printing aproximatly 500000 - 1.000000 4+4 A3 prints a month. we are consedering , leasing an IGEN4 110 but are also taking a good look at the HP INDIGOS and the best KONICA MINOLTA has to offer.
My question is ; which machine har the best quality and are the most reliable ? And what about the production costs,CLICS. Why are Indigos and Konica more expensive per clic than the Igen4.
Another idea i have is to establish a contact to a foreign digital printing company which have experience in starting up a business and dont mind sharing this experience with us. In time we could help eachother out in an " how do you do it " forum.
Sorry about any grammar and spelling mistakes. Been a few years since i last wrote in english.
Hope to hear from you.

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