Replace for a Impressa 3 Digital label pinter

Jan 29, 2010
Hi everyone.

This is my first post so please be gentle. I'am looking for a replacement printer for a Impressa 3 Digital Thermal Label printer. The Impressa was discontinued many years ago but so far my search for a suitable replacement has drawn a blank. The Impressa prints very high quality images onto a polyester type substrate. It uses a variation of a RGB ribbon and finishes by adding a clear overall. This is important as the labels are epoxy domed afterwards. The Impressa also has a built in cutter/plotter that can cut the labels to any shape, not just a straight line. All the above is done in one process and the printer is compact and user friendly.

The printer has been very good yet as time goes on, stock for it will begin to run out.
If anyone knows of a possible replacement or even better has replaced their own, then any help would be magic. I'am aware this is quite a specialist request and if I've posted in the wrong area, then sorry in advance.

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