Replacing Ink in an Empty Brother Cartridge with UV Ink?

Discussion in 'Ink Cartridges, Toner and Refills' started by timebound, Nov 19, 2019.

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    Nov 19, 2019
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    So, I was gifted a great Brother MFC-490CW printer recently (great for all my needs, at least!)!. I do a lot of work with ultraviolet ink (I make glow-in-the-dark artsy stuff), and I had sorta assumed this printer would have cartridges like other printers that had sponges you could remove, clean, then soak up with your UV ink and replace into the cartridge and pop it back into the printer. After some research on the matter, however, I see that these cartridges don't use sponges, but instead use ink bags.

    So, I'm trying to figure out a workaround, if one is possible. The UV ink is completely clear, so if I just refill the yellow cartridge with the UV ink, the two are probably going to mix, and I'm going to end up printing out something that is faintly yellow in plain light but maybe or maybe not glows under a blacklight. I need it to be invisible under normal light, and I need the UV color to be precise.

    Does anyone know if the ink bag can be removed, cleaned, and replaced back into the cartridge without ruining the whole thing? Or is it possible to fashion a new ink bag and install it inside the cartridge? It's already an empty cartridge, so it's not a disaster if I ruin or break it (I'm more worried about the kinda pricey UV ink!). I can always buy a cheap printer for the ultraviolet ink if I need to... but I really like the precision and quality I'm getting out of the Brother printer.

    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or experience with this. I've thought about a lot of options, like seeing if there is some kind of cleaning solution or even water, assuming it wouldn't break the print head or printer itself, that I could inject into the ink like a refill. Then I'd set the printer to print on pure yellow until the pages print out completely clear, so all the yellow ink would be entirely gone. But I would very much not like to ruin the printer, and while that'd work on a cheap HP printer just fine, I'm not experienced enough with the Brother printers to know if this will break/damage the printer.

    In other words, I'd love to find a workaround, but I'm not willing to break the printer to try. Has anyone ever tried using any novel inks in their brother printer cartridges before? I know I can't be the only one. Plenty of people use UV ink, lemon juice/vinegar, etc, for various effects.
    timebound, Nov 19, 2019
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