Help Replacing Fuser Unit On An HP Colour LaserJet Pro MFP M277DW


Aug 1, 2018
Hello everyone, hopefully some kind gurus's can assist me in this task

I am currently trying to replace the Fuser unit for a HP Colour LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw printer, purchased in Australia (so 240volt).

I was not able to source an identical fuser but managed to get one that seems to be the same (and I was assured was the same :( ) with the exception of the "gender" of two of the connecting wires.

These wires connect from the Fuser Unit to the Duplex Drive assembly and should be male connectors from the Fuser side, connecting to female on DDA.

Unfortunately this is not the case, the new Fuser unit has a female wire connection. I cannot return the fuser, as I purchased it months ago, and secondly I had a lot of difficulty in sourcing a fuser for the printer anyway.

So I am left with a dilemma. EIther I can try and source a new DDA unit which utilizes a male connector (have not found one yet)., or attempt to run a connecting piece of wire (ie male to male) between the 2 female connectors, or try and source another fuser (which is both expensive and frustratingly difficult to source).

If anyone can provide some advice I would sure appreciate it,as I could use the assistance.

Thanks in advance (pictures below)

Duplex Drive Assembly (removed to allow replacement of the old Fuser)

Duplex Drive Assembly Female Connector (Connects to the Fuser)

New Fuser Unit


Fuser Unit Female Connector.

The Male Connectors On The OLD Fuser Unit.

The photos are not that great, if you need better ones I can retake them with a better phone.


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