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Discussion in 'Ricoh' started by Heafstaag, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Jun 14, 2016
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm encountering some issues using Ghostscript to target different (input) paper trays on a Ricoh printer.

    Actually, to target the tray, I use this command, on a Powershell script :
    & "C:\Program Files\gs\gs9.18\bin\gswin64.exe" -dPrinted -dMediaPosition=4 -o -dNOSAFER -q -dNumCopies=1 -sDEVICE=ljet4 -sOutputFile=$myPrinter $myFile

    The argument -dMediaPosition is the argument used to target the paper tray.
    I tested different values on MediaPosition and got this correspondence.
    -dMediaPosition = 0 : Tray 1
    -dMediaPosition = 1 : Tray 2
    -dMediaPosition = 2 : Tray 3
    -dMediaPosition = 3 : Bypass
    -dMediaPosition = 4 : Tray 1
    And all other values of MediaPosition correspond to the Tray 1 (I think it is the default tray), making it impossible to target the 4th tray, since I tried values until MediaPosition=20. All paper formats are A4 (and sometimes A4 and A3).

    Though, the 4th tray is correctly working :
    I created a second printer of the original printer, using the 4th tray by default : myPrinter_T4.
    When I use Adobe to launch prints, targeting myPrinter_T4, the paper is correctly taken from the 4th tray since Adobe loads default behaviour of the printer.
    When I use Ghostscript, I can target "myPrinter_T4", it will have the same behaviour than if I target "myPrinter" (original), since Ghostscript does not load defaults from the printer.

    Well, one solution would have been to control directly Adobe in a Powershell script to print, but it does not close properly, and imposes constraints thought, when used within a Powershell script.

    The printer model is a RICOH Aficio MP C4501 PCL 6.

    So, my two questions are :

    - Is it possible to force GhostScript to load the default behaviour of myPrinter_T4 ?
    - Do you have some ideas about configurations I would have miss, either in the Windows printer configuration or the GUI printer configuration ?

    All my apologies for my bad English, I would gladly accept corrections ! :)

    Thanks you in advance, and have a good day !
    Heafstaag, Jun 14, 2016
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