Same make, model printers; multiple locations, one PC

Mar 7, 2019
Hello. I was wondering if anyone has tried doing what I'm needing done. I currently have two Brother HL-L2315DW printers that I have in two different locations and one mobile Windows 7 tablet that goes to both locations and needs to print out reports from both places. What I would like, to make life easier for my employees, is for them just to plug in the USB cable into the tablet and for the tablet to think that it's the same printer regardless of what location they are at. What's happening now is that the tablet creates a (COPY 1) of the second printer even though it uses the exact same driver for both printers. Is there a way to make the tablet think that it's the same printer and not make a (COPY 1) of the other printer so that it believes that there is only one printer to print from? Do I make sense? Thanks!

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