Samsung 2551N LAN intermittently fails to connect

Oct 10, 2013
The printer has worked fine for years attached to my various routers using DHCP but with the router set to use a fixed IP for the printer. Suddenly it fails to connect about 2/3 times (I don't have the printer on 24/7). I have checked the port of the router with other equipment and I have checked the LAN cable with other equipment and they are working fine. The Samsung customer support is simply dreadful. After the first response I realised some more detail was required from me but you can't respond other than be starting a completely new support request. This means probably no reference to the original is possible. Despite quoting the previous response number the second response was even worse and contradictory to the first. So I tried one for luck quoting both previous response numbers. This response tells me how to reconnect a printer for wireless connection (maybe they don't understand the word LAN?). Does anyone here have a better handle on what might be causing the problem?

Thanks, Rodney

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