Samsung CLP325W only printing black after "transfer belt error"


Jun 15, 2016
my Samsung CLP 325W is only printing black after "Transfer belt error".
A few days ago my printer made a strange noise and I got the message "transfer belt error".
I opened the printer and carefully cleaned the belt. After that, the error disappeared but my printer is only printing black and white since. When I try to print a test page I can see how the color toner (one color after the other) appears on the transfer belt, but only the black toner (which I cannot see on the belt) seems to be transfered onto the paper.
Have you got any idea, where the problem might be? Maybe something with the voltage?

I guess buying a new printer would be cheepest...

Thanks for your answers!
Jan 26, 2017
okay so I have a really technical awnser for you if you want it, but the best awnser is to buy another printer. itll be about $100 in repairs at least. its either your HVPS or a bad transfer roller.

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