Samsung M2020 Printer: Rotating A5 paper by 90 degree: Is there a hack to do this?

Jul 25, 2018
An advantage of the M2020 laserprinter is its small size. But to feed the paper you have to open the front which needs additional 14 cm, which I not have in this case. I use A5 paper and if I insert it rotated by 90 degrees the paper fits inside the printer so that I can close the front during printing.

Now the problem: In the printer driver I can choose A5 landscape, which matches to my rotated paper. But the printout itself must also be rotatet so that I get an A5 portrait printout at the end.

I thounght about different strategies to solve this:

1) Setting printer driver to print 2 pages per sheet and swap left with right page will solve the problem, if I have to print 1 page only. But using more pages all even page numbers are lost (would be normally printed onto the 2nd half of an A4 paper). Is there something like an universal driver which is able to rotate an A5 printout?

2) In the printing application (PC POS system) I can modify the print template (application uses the "List & Label Designer"). There is no possibility to rotate the printout, but I thought I can insert a formfeed at the page end to add empty even pages and then use the method described in 1). So I inserted a "chr(12)", but it doesn't work as expected: at that position a little square is printed. Have I to insert an other code?

3) I thought to use RedMon to capture the printer data and write a program which inserts the form feeds and then send the data to the printer. But I think that will not work, because RedMon captures the data between printer driver and printer and not between application and printer driver. I think the "print 2 pages to 1 sheet" will be done in the driver and not in the printer, right? So has anyone an idea how I can manipulate the data between application and printerdriver so that I can duplicate the page ejects?

Or is there any other idea how I can solve this?
Dec 19, 2022
Lie to the printer.

Tell it you are using A4, but actually feed it A5.

You will probably have to change your document to match - Change the size of your page to A4, but do not use the bottom half.

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