Samsung ML-1640 picks up multiple sheets

Jan 30, 2018

I've had this printer a while and it's been a good little printer. I'd like to keep it going a while longer if possible.

The problem is that each time you print a page (even a 1 sheet document) the page has nearly printed and it then picks up another sheet, detects a printer jam, stops printing and the orange light comes on. If you feed a single sheet with no others in the paper tray it prints OK.

I did read that the pick up rollers cause problems so I got a new one and have changed it. The rubber has stretched a bit, but replacing it hasn't solved the problem. I also read that the transfer pad directly under the roller can cause a problem. I've had a look and it does not appear damaged and I've cleaned it. Still no joy. Where can I go from here with this please?



Dec 7, 2016
Dont clean rubber rollers with alcohol. Hardens rubber.
Be sure to use appropriate paper like 20 lb copy paper.
Utilize paper of appropriate thickness and weight. See your printed manual for specifications.
Fan you paper stack prior to placing in paper tray
Do not over fill your paper tray
Be sure paper is not curling at corners.

See these videos:


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