Scan error on Lanier MP 2352

Oct 28, 2016
I have a customer who got a Lanier MP 2352 several months ago and it's working fine for printing and copying. However, no one is able to do scan to network folder. They get an error that says "sender has not been specified". As far as I know and have been able to find, that message is when scan to email is attempted when it's not been setup correctly. So far I've not found any connection between that error and scan to folder.

This Lanier is setup the same way as a Lanier MP 6001/LD360 that was bought and setup at the same time as the 2352. Scan to folder works just great on it.

The entries in the address book on both are setup the same way although the 2352 only has a small number of entries in its address book. I've compared how the entries in the address book are filled out between the two MFDs and I can't see any difference.

Is this just a case, as I suspect, of the users selecting Scan to Email rather than Scan to Folder? Or is there something on the 2352 that needs to be setup for Scan to Folder that doesn't have to be setup on the 6001?


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