Scary noise from an old Epson Stylus SX200 - Head Banging

Feb 6, 2018
Hello to all those on these forums!

I have a problem.
A big one.
(Note: I apologise if this is a duplicate, I'm terrible at finding things at the best of times. Just direct me to a solution and please forgive me if it is.)
Since my laptop and my XP-322 don't exactly want to work properly, I dug up my old SX200 from the garage.
It worked fine for about 2-3 weeks, but today it's got a problem.
Using this guide (first method on cleaning heads), I tried to clean my heads (since black was barely working, and yes, new cartridge), I used some cheap unbranded J-Cloth type cloth and some window cleaning fluid.
I did this once, closed the lid and switched it on.
All was well; I printed a test page and it helped a little.
So, I repeated the process again, this time using a bit more fluid and a more dense cloth.
When switched on, I was greeted with a strange sound as the printer tried to go through the sequence of starting up. Then, the printer flashed an E on the tiny little LCD screen and all the lights were flashing.
Odd, I thought.
So, I unplugged it and plugged it back in and tried again.
I was greeted with a terrifying sound of the head whizzing to the right and then slamming into the left hand side of the printer, making a horrible grinding noise.
Of course, I unplugged that immediately.
As I have a little bit of overexaggerating my writing (I'm a writer), I tried hard to Google it but nothing came up about this problem.
One thing I noticed is that there was a long plastic strip that had come off that hooked onto the left side of the case. I hooked this on and tried turning it on again.
I know that if there's a mechanical problem, there's usually a way to fix it and am not afraid to get my hands down and dirty with mechanics of things.
I USED to have a printer identical to this one which I can't remember why it broke, but it got chucked out a while ago.
Oh well, hope I can get this hunk of Orium fixed.

Any suggestions appreciated as long as they're useful!
- Malentine Bentley
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Feb 6, 2018
By the by, don't be useless and say, ''OLD PRINTER! TOSS IT TOSS IT BLAH BLAH BLAH'' or similarly structured replies. I want suggestions, and if it's time HAS come, I want to do as much as possible to bring it back before I give up.
Tenacious, you could say.

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