Xerox phaser 6500 knocking noise only when printing

May 30, 2019

my now almost 3,5 year old Xerox phaser 6500 printer , makes a knocking sound only when printing (watch video).

I made some picture of the fuser, the place where the fuser goes in to (roll) , the imaging unit, that always gives bleu color vertical line on a colour page printed, and the transfer belt, where you see the blue colour on it.

in the first two years, while printer was under garantee , I had this bleu color issue. I received a new imaging unit, but never installed it.

If you could tell me that the knocking noise is from the fuser, then no need to install the new imaging unit, and best that they sell this one.. .

I assume the fuser will cost more then the printer? I bought it for 158,90 EUR (inclusief 21% VAT).

and knowing the priner is 3,5 years old, if something else goes down... .

Hope someone could help with my decision.

As the zip file is to large to upload, here is a dropbox link:

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