Xerox Phaser 6250 inquiry

Jun 21, 2009

I have 2 Xerox Phaser 6250 printers which I have had quite a while and they have been terrific. Recently two things are happening to both of them which in itself is very weird that both have the same problem at the same time.

I am constantly told that the wrong paper is in the trays, both MFT and regular tray. I have swapped trays in the machines and still the same in both machines. It says put A4 in not letter. I have checked the trays and inside the tray areas that there is nothing wrong with them.

Naturally when it goes to print, I get 1 or 2 copies then it jams. So I take out the paper and start again with the same results.. This happens to both printers and started at the same time.

The next thing is Black prints as Gray. All other colours are fine.

Every now and then it whirs then jams, but I suspect it is the same paper size issue.

I have been using the Global and Express drivers but I think it is since then that I have the problems.

Any ideas please?

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