Using Xerox Phaser 6200 imager in 6250

Jun 21, 2009

I have just bought a Xerox Phaser 6250DT and have noticed the imager is near the end of it's life and is becoming somewhat streaky at times.

I was wondering whether I could use the imager I have in my 6200 in the 6250?

That imager is 49% and and I would prefer it in the 6250 at the moment until I get a new one.

I know they are the same unit and part number however i am not sure whether I can chnage them once they have been used in another machine.

Also, every now and then I am getting an 'engine failure' Code 72 in the 6200 and altho it is fine once I turn it off and on again, I am not sure how long that will be the case.


oz :)

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