Prints only in cyan when using matte photo paper setting

Feb 1, 2020
Hi there,

I've had numerous issues with my Canon MG7751 since returning from my travels. It had been sitting idol for about 15months but is only a couple of years old at most.

I've done countless deep cleans, a manual print head clean, (all the cleans) changed all the cartridges twice. I have resolved the initial streaking problem, however I am trying to print on kraft paper and have found the only setting that allows the paper/ card to feed is the 'matte photo paper' option, but it prints in only cyan. When I run nozzle check prints, both the grey and black are completely blank. When using the 'draft printing on plain paper' it prints all colours OK.

I'd very much appreciate some help with this. I've wasted so much ink and paper purely on trying to get a good print.

Thanks in advance! Rach.
Feb 2, 2020
For an ink jet printer 15 months without any kind of use is a long time. I'd call Canon support where you live and ask them what can be done. Good luck.

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