Xerox Phaser 6180 leaving spots and marks on pages

Oct 30, 2017
I have had the Phaser 6180 for a good ten years now and it's been fine up until a few months ago. No matter what I am printing (color or b/ w, cardstock or copy paper), it is leaving marks along the back side of the pages. They aren't consistent from one day to the next and they run horizontally, only about 1/4" long if that, and all the way down the right had side of the page. If they are light enough I can erase them but it's a pain. Today I tried running out a few sheets and there were drops of toner and spots all over the front of the page (printed side) as well as the marks on the back.

Has anyone dealt with this? I've replaced toner, taken out what I can to look for problems or clean what's there. But nothing has helped.

Any advice?

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