Selecting a color laser - going blind searching

Feb 18, 2015
I have spent many many hours trying to find a printer. I have a LJ5 that is around 20 years old. Works fine, but I want a different type of device. I tried an Epson ink jet printer. Between my brother and I we had two Epson Artisan 800's and a wide paper printer. My 800 sheet feeder never worked and eventually it also stopped printing. Both of my brothers failed after relatively little use. One he smashed with a hammer (he lacks a certain finesse). Every time I find something interesting it either costs $4000, really uses wax for printing, is available only in Australia, other. I am hoping some of you with experience can provide some guidance. This will be the last printer I buy (I am old; long term warranties are becoming less interesting).

Here is what I definitely want (i.e., requirements):

Color laser multifunction printer that is very reliable
Material deposited on the paper must not be wax
Properly done LED light sources are acceptable as a replacement for a laser
Automatic double sided printing and scanning
I would like a minimum of 1200 X 1200 dpi actual print resolution without various excuses about "we do it just as good" without clear printed proof
Decent print and scan speeds (not the highest priority, but with the other requirements it will probably pretty good)
Scan resolution should also be in that range or higher (to replace a standalone scanner and recover some space)
Copy resolution of 600 dpi is fine
Ethernet attachment
Decent software to allow use as a small LAN print server
Usable interface on the physical printer

The closest match I have seen so far is the Fuji/Xerox DocuCentre SC2020 - it misses on price, US availability, and being sure what their resolution is really like

What I would like:

Reasonable pricing on supplies
Price under US $1000 (not a hard limit)
PCL and real (not emulated) Postscript (postscript optional; I have survived with only PCL for many years)

I will take a look at everything that you suggest.

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