Settings for consistent inkjet printing of photos

Sep 6, 2015
I just bought a new inkjet printer, switching to a different manufacturer. So far I really like this printer in terms of features but I'm having trouble getting consistent photo printing results. I have a couple of basic questions.
1) Settings related to paper and quality (color profiles) seems to be available in both the printer preferences dialog and from some applications (i.e. Photoshop CS2). If I set them in both places are the profiles applied twice? Or does the application merely tell the printer which profile to apply?
2) Is it better to set all preferences in the printer preferences area and turn off all corrections/adjustments in any application?
3) Is there a way of doing test image prints (specific test patterns/colors) in an attempt to at least closely match print output with what appears on the screen? Years ago I worked for a company that had a division in the printing and publishing business. I learned a little about color and color printing. There were expensive and exotic tools for proofing but obviously I'm looking for a more basic approach here.

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