slow to respond

Nov 9, 2011
I have a Canon IP4850 printer that is now two years old. It's generally fine but it really annoys me sometimes! If I switch it on in the morning just after the computers, by the time I come to print anything, there are are no problems. That is, I hit the print icon and the machine prints.

But If I only switch the printer on when I want to print something, sometimes (but not always) it takes three or four minutes of whirring and green light flickering before anything starts to print. This is so infuriating when it happens, especially if I've got lots to print and am in a hurry! I don't notice all this whirring if it's switched on with the computers in the morning, probably because they take a couple of minutes to get ready.

So why does the Canon act like this, sometimes immediately ready, other times being fussy?( My old HP 895 never behaved badly and was always immediately available to print on switch-on!)

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