Ricoh Scan vey slow

May 10, 2019
Hi all.
We are in the process of replacing all of our sites with Ricoh IM430's. About 90 sites.

I have come across an issue now at 3 of the sites.
When using the WIA driver for importing a scanned image it takes about 3-4 minutes for it to actually start.
For example, using Windows Fax & Scan. Click on New Scan, its establishes connection. I then click on Scan.

Screen sits at Scanning Page: 1
IM430 display shows Connecting with PC...
Please Wait
Host Name: L039

Wait at least 3 minutes, scan finally appears.

Default settings are selected, Photo, Flatbed, JPEG, DPI 200

If i run Scan to folder directly on the scanner it will scan instantly, no issues.
Machine is Win 7 Pro, 64bit, 8GB RAM.
If i repeat the process using my Win 10 Pro machine it works with no problems, scan is near instant.

I have tried the following;
Removed and reloaded drivers.
Static IP on IM430 and Dynamic from DHCP.
Replaced cabling.
Disabled Windows Firewall and Windows Defender.
Searched for older WIA drivers, could not find any, IM430 looks to be too new.

So 3 sites so far with the exact same issue. Only common factors are Windows 7 Pro yet I have dozens of other sites with Win 7 Pro running normally.
I have compared all settings between sites, nothing different!
I'm ready to send back 90+ Ricoh devices.

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