Scan to Folder Ricoh MPc2500

Dec 1, 2017
I am wondering if anyone can tell me if you are able to scan to subfolders of a main folder without having to put each one of the subfolders into the address book.
The situation is that we have a main folder on our Network called Projects within that folder is a number of subfolders which can increase daily, hence why I would rather be able to browse the Projects folder to find the subfolder that I wish to scan to.

Please tell me if this is possible and if so how.... or no its not possible and I will have to enter each new subfolder into the Address book.
Also I notice that when I set up the new folder in the address book and did a browse of that folder that it only showed 100 subfolders... is there a limit that can't be change so you are able to view all the subfolders in Projects (as we have over 700 at the moment) or are we able to up the limit so we can see them all.

If this can't be done on our current printer, is it possible to do on the Ricoh MP C2504?

Thanks in advance for any help that you may offer

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