TASKalfa 8002i - Scan to Folder Overriding


Oct 4, 2017

I am new here, this issue is driving me crazy. If anyone can help that would be awesome!

When Scannin/Sending documents to my Folder...
...The System requires that there be a default document name stored. I have it set at "doc".

When I do "Separate Scan" for like 100 Affidavits each document saves as follows...
...doc_001, doc_002, doc_003 and so on and so forth.

One of the girls in my office started complaining that when she scans a document to her folder then scans another one the documents are overriding each other.

I imagine because the documents are the same name, but any other time anywhere else if a document is moving to a folder with the same name as a document currently in that folder it asks if you want to name it "document (2)" or automatically names it (2).

Does anyone know if the only option is to always name your single documents? Or can it be set up to name them 1, 2, 3, 4 etc...

Helpppppppppp It just doesn't make sense to me that there is no option other than to name every document.

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