Smudge reprinted down the right hand side.

Jul 8, 2024
Hi We're a small charity with a Brother DCP-L8410CDW colour laser which is almost 2 year old. It has been very reliable andnot heavily used 50 to 100 A4 Prints a Week (200 -400 / Month).

Just recently it started creating a reprint of the page as if a patch was picking up toner and redepositing it on the page. This also apears to have a faint Embossed texture on the back of the page.

At the same time an error message informed us that the Drumb unit needed replacing which our office manager duly did fitted it and then called me IT Manager (Voluntary Position) when the problem persisted. I spent the afternoo stripping it down as far as a user can, Ceaning all Surfaces, examining each part and in addition replaced the Toner cartridges (4) Installing the latest Driver from Brother but problme still persists. See image below.

Example 1

Example 2 Note the right hand transver left over from the example 1 Printer minutes before.

Close Up of the right hand side where it comes out of the printer.

OK Recap
... New Drumb Unit
---- New Toner cartidges
------All parts cleaned and inspected
------- Latest Drivers installed (As Suggested by Brother).
Same problem
Of all the parts the only ones not replaced are
1. The Fuser Unit cant rule this out
2. The Laser Unit although I cannot find this even listed on the brother website so probably uneconomical replacement ???

I am gusing that it is the Fuser but at £240 on top of the £130 Drum unit Plus toners would it be better to bite the bullet and get a new printer?

Your guidance would be much appreciated.

Feb 3, 2024
Have you tried factory resetting the printer from the printer? I would disconnect the printer from the computer, uninstall all drivers and Brother software, restart computer, from the printer, navigate to reset to factory settings. There may even be a technicians menu you can access like HP models to do a real reset. If the problem still persists, I would think about a new printer.

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