ST9630 Factory Reset on use of Tray 1

Jul 8, 2017
Any time I configure my printer to use

Source: Tray 1
Paper type: Plain
Paper size: Letter

When I send a print job to it, the printer flashes on the screen "Resetting the Printer" and it resets to factory defaults.

If I use the manual load tray it works fine. But I don't want my printer hanging open all the time.
Jul 8, 2017
hello tray,

which printer you are using right now, please tell me the name and model number of printer.

these are following steps to get rid off this kind of issues,

Unplug your printer through switch boards, and pull out cables of printer, gently

uninstall the printer software, from control panel.

turn off your computer for next 2 mins, and turn it on

Install a new software of printer ,

plug your printer, attach the printer with computer,

command - print

If any further assisstance Ping me

happy to help you

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