Suggestion for printers - Auto Duplex Color Laser (medium-duty) for paper size B5 (ISO) 6.93" x 9.84

Jan 7, 2016
Having a hard time! Sorry this is so long but it is what it is.

I am looking for a color laser auto duplex printer that supports B5 (ISO) (6.93" x 9.84"). I print double-sided (2-per-page) booklets that fold in half and are inserted in to a dvd


Right now I am using an HP CP4005dn but it prints crooked pages often and the colors are not lining up my color booklets and causing shadows. I am going to have a repair

technician come in again. I calibrated countless times and cannot figure out how to manually align the cartridges so I am thinking it is time to upgrade anyway. ARGH. This HP

printer supports B5 (JIS) paper but we had to tweak the switches located in the paper cartridge to make the printer think that there is actually B5 (JIS) in the cartridge. We crop

the pdfs accordinly to make sure they are aligned on the page correctly.

I use 32lb paper because I don't want the text to show from the other side, so it is a little thicker than normal. I don't print color booklets that often but they are pain in the butt to

manually set up. I guess this printer is just getting old and am hoping there is something else out there. I can't seem to find anything that supports the B5 ISO paper directly.

Thanks so much and let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

PS: Suggestion for printers - Auto Duplex Color Laser (medium-duty) for paper size B5 (ISO) 6.93" x 9.84" 32lb.

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