Trouble resetting Brother (HLL3210CW) laser toners

Jan 16, 2022
Hello. We have a Brother laser printer (model no. HLL3210CW). I understand how to reset the toners, but have an odd problem in that sometimes I am successful, other times I am not. When successful, I am able to get to the option where the menu says “reset or exit”. When the process works, pressing reset brings you to another prompt asking if you want to actually reset (I suppose a confirmation before going forward). However, I often have a problem in that pressing the reset (at the “reset or exit” prompt) doesn’t do anything. It is very frustrating. Does anybody have any advice? Feel free to ask me questions. Thanks for your help! By the way, I like to reset the toners when the printer/computer is telling us to replace the toner, yet we have hardly used any toner.

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