USB cable for Epson XP 2100 printer

Feb 14, 2023
i am not particularly savvy with this technology so I hope someone can help. I have an Epson XP 2100 printer that has been operating perfectly well on Wifi in France for the last couple of years but now that I have moved to the UK it won't connect with the Wifi. My laptop worked on the new Wifi immediately and it is the same laptop that has always been connected to this printer. I have tried the printer set-up a couple of times but that didn't make a difference so I bought a new USB cable to try instead and that hasn't helped either. I don't know if it matters that it's not an Epson cable. It's a Logik 1.8m USB cable A to B. It is described on the box as 'ideal for connecting devices such as scanners, some external hard drives, or printers to a computer'. It uses a USB 2 connection. The salesman told me that it is universal and will work on anything but should I buy a USB cable that is specifically compatible with my Epson printer?

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

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