weird printer networking problem

Apr 13, 2010
Hi, at my work we have 5 computers connected to a network and 2 main printers. My PC has winXP pro, the others have XP, vista or windows 7. I have set our HP K8600 to be a network printer, It is connected directly to a router (not the same router). On the PC with windows 7 it easily found the printer when I installed the software and drivers. On my PC however when I install the drivers and search for the network printer it doesn't come up. It doesn't show up on my network connections either. If I go on the windows 7 computer it shows that I'm connected to the network and I can access my files from there. Other people can also save their files on my computer via the network (mine is the fileserver). I only have AVG installed and windows firewall on. WHY can't my PC find that damn printer?

Also another weird thing is I have a HP officejet 6500 connected directly to the computer but when I open HP solution center it gives me an error saying "no hp devices are connected".

Please help!
Sep 30, 2009

1- Just because discovery services are not finding your printer does not mean its not working. Maybe you try to check basic networking and from the fault pc try ping the printer and then try to access the printer via webbrowser. Then Install it using the ip syntax. Locally or on the network as you perfer.

I have no comments on your second problem.


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