What's a good printer to buy?

Aug 23, 2011
I need another new printer, the one I bought a year ago, and printed maybe ten pages with, doesn't function anymore.

I don't print much but when I do it's usually photos or something that needs good quality. This means I also need a printer who's cartridges don't dry up when not used for long periods of time. And of course it needs to be reasonably priced or used. Do laser printer cartridges keep longer than inkjet?

The back story;
From the time I bought my first computer until about 2 years ago I used a HP 722c and for years it held up great. At one time I bought a new HP all in one but when I used it the first time and saw the difference in print quality between it and my old HP I immediately boxed it back up and returned it.

The old HP 722c is still working but the print cartridges have literally more than tippled in price and when I once was able to use a cartridge for a year only printing a few pages a month, the new $75 cartridges dry up in about a month.

About this time last year I just broke down and bought another HP all in one and same story. Print quality is lacking compared to the old one and give it about a month and the cartridges are no longer any good. So for $120 dollars I printed maybe ten pages and I'm not going to waste money buying new cartridges every month.

I do have an old Epson, don't remember the model number, that I use to print CD and DVDs. It's cartridges never seem to dry up but it's print quality it hideous and it's options to adjust it are very, very limited.

So obviously HP is out of the picture and unless Epson has much, much better models I don't want another one. So what are some other good printers, with long lasting cartridges?
Aug 6, 2011
I use mine for similar things and I bought a canon mp600 a few years and it's been great. I don't if they still have that one or what the latest version is.

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