what's the ultra destrutible vinyl

Apr 9, 2012
Ultra destructible vinyl only be known by a small group of people,who do label printing or some direct users for warranty.When we take the exhibition,many people had the same question----what is the dstrucitble label material.

Generally speaking,it is a kind of tamper evident label material,It is with hign bond adhesion and conformability to smooth or curved irregular surfaces.When the destrucitble labels are tampered against removal and are easily damaged,causing cracking and cause multiple chipping effect in bits and bits leaving behind the evidence of tampering.These tamper evident destructible labels are great foruse on electronic equipments,appliances,rental equipments,computers,laptops and instrumental or machinery repairs when you need to prevent undetected access.These destructible labels or stickers cannot be awitched to another piece of equipment without tamper detection being evident.


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