What's poking holes in my drum???

Oct 15, 2014
I recently put into service a brand new Ricoh Aficio CL7200 color laser printer. It's 8 years old, but was hanging out in the warehouse until now. The first 100 pages printed flawlessly, but then I started getting little dots along the one margin. Suspecting the drum (officially the Black Photoconductor Unit on this machine), I inspected it and found two small (.5 mm) holes in the surface near the edge. Not knowing what to do about it I ran it some more. After another 20 pages it started printing dots down the center of the page as well. Inspecting the black drum I found that in addition to the two holes near the edge, I now have 3 more little holes around the center of the drum.

What the heck is poking holes in my drum? There's no use replacing the drum without fixing whatever is causing this, so for now the whole machine is useless (and out of warranty due to its sit in the warehouse). Has anyone else come across something like this? Any advice would be welcome!

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