Why media settings are vital in your printer profiling

May 25, 2013
How to get the best from your profiling
Making ICC profiles for third party inks and/or paper is little use if you don't get your paper and ink choices right.

The thing a lot of people neglect when trying to profile their printers is getting the right driver (media) settings.

Note that althought his article looks at 3rd party inks and 3rd party papers, it's also important with 3rd party papers and original inks.

We also have a page of downloadable media test images to help with media settings selection.
Media settings - A vital part of profiling

Note - This is one of our older but still valid articles (2005)
In late 2006 ColorVision released the new version of the PrintFIX PRO software used here - as well as general improvements in the profiling process, this adds additional support for black and white printing.
Print Driver settings - an example

The Epson Stylus COLOR 1160 has sat in the corner of my printer room not doing much for some time.

It still had Lyson Small Gamut inks installed, just in case I needed to reprint some of the prints I sold a few years ago.
Oct 10, 2013
I have a friend who just bought a brand new 7900 after his 3800 died. I'm going to send him a link to this thread just so he has an idea of what might happen down the road.

I just hope my 3800 doesn't die soon.

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