Windows 10 settings for an Eizo monitor and Epson 3880


Mar 28, 2021
First time posting here. Tried the printing thing a few times without much success. Have not been completely happy with my outcome. Trying to start fresh and make sure every is set up right for colour management. I’m really confused on how to set up my PC with windows 10 properly to make sure that I’m using the calibrated monitor settings and Windows isn’t interfering.

Also what colour space should I calibrate my Eizo CG277 to for printing. I find that my prints come out too light and lacking blacks and contrast.
I just need the whole setup process. I have watched many videos and read many articles and it just seems like I’m missing something. I’ve found that there are so many different options on this and the more I researched the more I’m confused. They don’t come out looking like my image on screen. I want to make prints that pop and I can be proud of. And I’m not there and I’m wasting paper and ink.


Mar 24, 2019
Without suggesting you purchase calibration software or ask which editing program you are using, try Calibrate Display Color, use search box, and see if that helps. Regarding the image pop, print lighter than...suggest you purchase Fine Art Printing for Photographers by Uwe Steinmueller/Juergen Gulbins. Text will provide you with multitude of answers for any future questions you might have about printers/monitors.

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