windows xp printer drivers

Apr 7, 2011
Hi, I have a hp 3310 printing perfectly through a wired ethernet connection with one of my xp sp3 pcs. I have another xp sp3 pc on the same network which Id like to also connect to to the printer. The problem is the 3310 is not listed in the list of printers in the windows add printer dialogue box. I dont particularly want to download and install the "full featured" read full crap hp software, because I only want to print. The generic windows own driver will be fine. Can someone tell me how to find the driver on the other pc so I can copy it over, or else another way of getting a simple print only driver for this printer? Thanks
Jul 13, 2011
How to Scan With the HP 3310?

* 1 Open up your printer's scanning glass and insert one sheet of paper with the printed side facing down on the glass. You should situate the sheet at the front, right corner.

* 2 Press the "Scan" button on your printer. If you have your printer connected to a network, press 1 and select the computer to which you want the printer to scan, then press "OK."

* 3 Press "OK" to run the default scan application.

* 4 Go to your computer and approve or edit the image preview. You can approve by clicking "Accept" on your default scanning application. The printer now starts scanning the image in higher detail.

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