Not able to install OKI c830 PS printer with Multiple trays driver on Windows 2012r2

Nov 19, 2017
Hi Forum Members,

I have successfully done a custom installed (Add Printer & pickup driver from uncompressed folder) of OKI c830 PS printer driver (
with 3 trays on Windows 2012r2 server. However, only tray 1 (came with printer) is available, while 2-3 have exclamation marks beside it which indicate the driver cannot be accessed since they are optional trays.

I have done a typical installation (run setup.exe) of the same printer driver which also support Windows 7 (64bits) PC which showed the same issue.

Any idea on what additional steps to be done such as restarting PC/server, enable printer tray upgrade device option, both?

Thanks in advance,


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