Wirleless Connection of MP620

Jan 12, 2009
I decided not to try connecting the printer to the second computer using a bluetooth connection but would still like to try to connect "wireless". I looked all through the "Onscreen Manual" and found very little that explains how to do this and what equipment is required. The printer indicates that it is "WiFi" certified. Does that mean that I can wirelessly connect to this printer using a computer that is WiFi enabled?

If anyone has the knowledge and time to explain if and how I can connect a computer to this Canon MP620 printer, I would greatly appreciate it. My PC's are running Windows XP SP3. Thank you. Mac
Jan 22, 2009
Your computer needs a wifi card or you need a router/modem that has one. You need to install the 620 via the USB first.

The rest of the steps should be in canon's quick start guide.
Feb 12, 2009
I want to also connect my printer to my computers via wireless.

I have three computers on my home network, all are Windows XP.

I connected the MP620 to the main computer via USB, and it works.

I have a NetGear 108Mbps Wireless Router and it is WPA-PSK [TKIP], and two computers that are wireless.

On the printer, it searches for the network using the printer WPS option, but can't find it.

I assume it is because the router has a password.

I went to the router settings and manually entered the MAC of the printer, but still couldn't find it.

I disabled the router pass key, but still couldn't find it.

Using the PIN method on the printer, it gave a number, such as 1209878, but where do I enter it?

You need to install the 620 via the USB first.

When you say you have to connect via USB, does that mean I have to move the printer to each computer and manually connect it via USB?

Or do I just connect the main computer via USB and that would allow me to connect the rest via wireless, without having to move the printer?

If so, how do you do that?


The manual does explain how to install it.
Jan 22, 2009
What i mean was you have to have usb connected to start with, then you can disconnect once wireless is installed. And never use USB again - if you choose to use wireless only.

Give this a try:

- Go Start/Settings/Printers
- Right click the Canon MP 620 Printer / click properties.
- Go to the Port tab and the port may be assigned to “FILE: Print to File” or something else that is not A Canon Network port.
- Select the “Canon BJNP” port or if not available, Click the "Add Port" button, and select "Canon BJNP Port" type, and then new port
- The Canon network printer will be associated with this new port, automatically

- click OK

I hope this works for you : )

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