WorkCentre 6515 DN Magenta (M) Patch Error

Mar 5, 2023
Just a little venting. I own a 6515 DN. While it was put into service on 12/5/2018, the machine has 4800 total prints on it.

A month ago, I went in to print out a report. The report contained a cover page with a log on it. When it came out, it was like I had used Magenta paper. In fact, so much so that I asked my wife if she had put Magenta colored paper in the machine. I pulled out the cartridge, reinserted, then pulled out the Magenta drum and reinserted it. For the next 3 or 4 prints, it was fine again. These prints came over the next few days by the way. The toner cartridge showed that it was 78% full. These were the high capacity set that I bought from Xerox when I purchased the machine. The starter cartridges are good for about 250 pages!

I started getting an error message 092-319, Magenta (M) Patch Error. The machine said remove and reinsert toner cartridge. I did (a million times). I also reinserted the drum. No good. Called Xerox, they said I needed a new toner cartridge. Purchased one of those, no good. Called them back. I was told if it's not the toner cartridge it's the drum. Bought one of those and replaced it. No good. Same error.

Xerox tech came out, ran the machine through it's paces and said, this NEVER happens with these machines, and was going to get a replacement. Only problem is, even though there are only 4800 prints, the machine was not warrantied.

The estimated repair quote was a minimum of 4 hours at $198 an hour plus what ever parts had to be replaced (and that was not determinable after running their diagnostics.

Yes, this is a rant, and yes I am mildly peeved. I just wanted to put this out there in case anyone is doing research.


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