Would a 5+ Colour Printer be overkill for reproducing scanned Artwork?

Aug 9, 2019
I have a batch of Artwork, I have created, using a variety of paints. I would now like to create Reproductions of my Artwork for public distribution.

Each piece of Artwork varies in Colour, Tone, Detail and Shade etc, where I am wondering whether it would be best to use a more common 4 Colour Printer or whether I a 6+ Colour Printer would produce a more accurate reproduction?

If I was printing a digitally created image, thus using RGB colours, I would assume a 12 Colour Printer would be best. That being said, I am printing Artwork that I created offline and captured via Scanner. Therefore, would I be right in assuming that the Digital Copy would be using colours closer to the CMYK colour Gamut and therefore a Printer with 5+ Colours would be overkill?

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