WTB: Canon CLI-42 low or empty cartridges for Pro-100

Jun 27, 2013
I'm a hobby'ist photographer who wants to buy low or empty CLI-42 cartridges that are used in the Canon Pixma Pro-100 inkjet printer (aka carts and tanks).

These carts would not be for commercial use ... I make lots of 5x7", letter size, and A3+ prints as a volunteer photographer to give away.
  • original Canon oem carts, not compatibles
  • "virgin empties" that have not been refilled or reset
  • not had ink level monitoring turned off (which can void the printer warranty and reportedly messes up cart resetting)
  • willing to buy partially filled cartridges that have reported "Low", or still reporting partially full
  • particularly interested in CLI-42-Light-Gray and CLI-42-Yellow

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