Xerox 7425 pro very noisy

May 2, 2013
Hello to all,
my problem is I have a Xerox 7425 Pro, on the right side of the machine when printing out a very annoying noise of "uneven gears." The Xerox technician came to do an inspection but the noise still persists. The machine, however, and printing as well as before except for the noise does not present any defect, shame that so I did not hear a noise makes certain a professional in the eyes of my clients of my typography. What could be according to you? thanks
May 8, 2013
Points to take:

1) A grinding noise may indicate a loose gear or roller. If the noise starts after you install a cartridge, turn it off and get the cartridge. From there, check if both the charge roller and the transfer roller are placed on the their places properly. (Check also if there are any loose or broken part. If there is, visit your service center to fix this.) If it looks fine, reinstall your cartridge then.

2)If the noise continuous and none of the roller is not on place, try swapping the cartridges. There could be a minimal chance the toner cartridge is the cause of it. If you have extra cartridge, try putting it and see if it fix your problem.

3) If it still doesn't work, open the rear exit cover while you are printing. If you think it came from there, it must be the rear exit rollers/gears. Again, check for any loose/broken part

4) If you've put additional tray, try to remove those and see if it it's the cause.

5) If the sound is THUMP-THUMP, it must be the envelope enhance, which is a built in feature place into the fuser unit to keep envelopes from wrinkling. This would just do you fine, if this is the case.

If none of these are the cause, you might need some professional advices.

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